MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper Review

Tried and True: Trust MacKeeper to Protect Your Computer

Whether you spend ten minutes or ten hours on your Mac every day, you want it to run as quickly, cleanly, and safely as possible each time you boot it up. Apple products ship with robust security and optimization features, but they don’t always offer sufficient protection. That’s where MacKeeper shines.

What Is MacKeeper?

Think of MacKeeper as a security and cleaning service for your computer. It runs in the background without your intervention, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. The application consists of five separate modules that each perform several core functions.

The security feature protects your Mac from malware, viruses, and other infections that could slow down your system or compromise your safety. Then you have the cleaning system, which removes duplicate files, optimizes disk usage, and helps you uninstall unwanted programs thoroughly.

You also get an optimization module with MacKeeper that speeds up your Mac’s functions and a data control module that gives you more control over your files. Finally, you’ll have access to a support module that seamlessly connects you with an Apple Certified Specialist.

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Benefit From an Intuitive User Interface

Unlike many optimization tools, MacKeeper ships with an intuitive user interface (UI) that allows you to navigate through its modules without frustration. The system describes each module in detail when you click on it, so you don’t have to access the Help function just to figure out what a particular button does.

Users of all ages will like MacKeeper’s large fonts and simple display. You don’t have to waste time hunting for the commands you need. Instead, you’ll find it laid out cleanly on the screen.

Enjoy Safer Computer Usage

Many people mistakenly believe that Mac computers have no vulnerabilities. While Apple produces solid pieces of equipment that have fewer weaknesses, Macs can get viruses and other types of malware just like PCs. MacKeeper adds another layer of security so you can visit your favorite websites and download files without worry.

It’s also a secure system that won’t send your personal information to anyone else. It’s important to avoid free optimization software programs that might capture your private information and sell it to advertising companies—or worse. Instead, choose a program that’s made by a trusted manufacturer like MacKeeper.

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Speed Up Your Mac’s Software Programs

If you experience lag or glitches while you play games, type up documents, surf the Internet, or watch videos, you need to optimize your system. MacKeeper takes care of this, eliminating the need to manually delete unnecessary files or adjust code.

Since it’s built for Macs, it won’t put your system at risk. You don’t have to worry about the program deleting essential files or compromising your library.

Get Alerts for Security or Mechanical Risks

MacKeeper doesn’t just maintain your Mac. It also alerts you to problems that require your immediate attention. It will create a pop-up on the screen that draws your attention to a critical issue. You can then address it so it doesn’t cause future problems.

Benefit From a Geek on Demand

This functionality might represent the most important feature of MacKeeper. If you have a question about your Mac or if you run into a problem you can’t fix, you have access to a Geek on Demand. When you click the appropriate button, you can chat with an Apple Certified Specialist.

The specialist can either tell you how to fix the problem or do it for you remotely. You can also ask advice about purchasing a Mac in the future, conducting routine maintenance, or purchasing software for your device.

Work and Play Without Interruption

Many anti-virus and optimization software programs bother you with pop-ups, alerts, and noises all day long. MacKeeper takes a different approach, requesting your attention only for critical issues. It runs completely in the background so you can focus on the task at hand without interruption.

This becomes particularly important when you work on your Mac. Every interruption slows down your day and negatively impacts your ability to concentrate. When you choose optimization and anti-virus software, look for a program like MacKeeper that doesn’t get in your way more often than it helps.

Control Every Step

You can decide which functions you want MacKeeper to run. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution that might consume extra resources while performing tasks in which you aren’t interested. Instead, it gives you full control.

If you’re tired of system glitches and lag, or if you’re concerned about security vulnerabilities, MacKeeper offers the most comprehensive solution.