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Do you want to keep your Mac stable, secure and safe? If it is so, you can take full advantage of a great application called Mackeeper Premium. It is an advanced and all in one program which contains about twenty useful utilities which allow you to perform various actions and operations. With the help of the program, you can, for example, find duplicate files easily without searching the entire system manually, uninstall unnecessary applications safely with just one click of the mouse, restore accidentally deleted files quickly by using advanced searching algorithms, and so on.

The Main Features of the Program- it is hard to imagine but it is true. Mackeeper Premium includes about twenty useful utilities which allow you to do practically everything related to the system stability, safety and performance. The program has got a very user-friendly interface and you can find and use any utility quickly and safely. There are the following utilities at your disposal:

Duplicate Finder- if you do not want to search manually for duplicate files manually and lose your precious time by opening each folder and analyze their content, you can use this very useful tool and find duplicate files quickly with two clicks of the mouse.

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The program allows you to search for duplicate files on the entire Mac. After searching the program will display all found results and you will be able to remove duplicates safely. In addition, you have the possibility to use various searching filters and specify some preferences. For example, you can select only specified folders to scan, choose particular size for each file, apply various filters, and so on. Duplicate Finder is a very useful utility; with the help of it you will remove all unnecessary files from the system and significantly increase disk space and performance.

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Smart Uninstaller- this utility will help you to remove unnecessary applications, widgets, plugins and leftovers from your Mac quickly and safely. All you need to do is to select unneeded tem and click the Remove button. Thanks to using advanced removing algorithms, no leftover files are left after cleaning and you can enjoy completely clean Mac which is free from any junk and unnecessary leftovers which significantly reduce system performance and speed.

Files Recovery- deleting files, fortunately, now can be easily recovered thanks to this utility. It will help you to find and restore accidentally deleted files or even files which were deleted, for example, one month ago. Mackeeper Premium uses the most advanced and leading technologies for finding and restoring deleted files. The program allows you to recover files not only from internal hard drive but also from any removable media such as USB flash drives, memory cards, and so on. Mackeeper Premium can recover practically every file type, for example, photos, documents, archives, and so on.

Data Encryptor- this utility is of use if you have got a lot of confidential files and you want to make them inaccessible to others. Mackeeper Premium offers two advanced encryption algorithms for encrypting your important documents and files- AES-128 and AES-256. Thanks to this utility, your private files will be protected from unauthorized use and distribution.

Files Finder- you have plenty of files on your Mac and it is very difficult to find needed files quickly and easily. Just utility is designed to facilitate the execution of this task. With the help of it, you will be able to find any files very fast. Mackeeper Premium offers a lot of filters and presets for finding files; you can specify the exact file name, size, path and extension. In seconds, all needed files will be at your disposal.

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Login Items-your Mac starts very slow. Do not worry! You can significantly increase its start time thanks to this utility. The utility allows you to view all apps which start at system login. It will help you to view and remove all unnecessary applications which reduce the boot time and greatly increase and boost start-up time.

Disk Usage- this tool allows you to view which files and folders occupy the most disk space of your hard drive visually. Thanks to it, you will be able to determine those files which consume the most disk space and remove them if they are not needed.

Default Apps- this tool allows you to assign file types to the specific applications and make them default for opening them. After starting this utility, you will see all apps and extension available on your Mac and associate the file types with any of installed programs on your Mac.

Update Tracker- if you want to keep your system and installed application up-to-date, this utility is just for you. It allows you to check for updates and security patches and easily and quickly update any of installed applications.

Fast Cleanup- with the help of this utility you can safely clean your Mac and remove any unnecessary files which slow down performance and speed of Mac; for example, temporary caches, logs, invalid application paths, and so on.

Backup- it is very important to back up important files. Fortunately, Mackeeper Premium includes a special utility which allows you to back up your files quickly and safely and restore them if anything goes wrong. Mackeeper Premium provides you with a lot of backup options, for example, you can back up files on the internal hard drive or any removable media, specify some advanced parameters such as a backup schedule, and so on.

Shredder- this utility allows you to delete files securely without any chance of their recovery by using the most advanced deletion methods such as Gutmann, and so on.

Security- Mackeeper Premium offers not only reliable and advanced utilities for keeping your Mac in order but also two security tools, i.e. antivirus and anti-theft utility. Of these two tools the former allows you to keep your Mac from viruses and the other one allows you to define some parameters and easily find your Mac if anybody steals it.