MacKeeper Coupon Code

MacKeeper Coupon Code

Contrary to popular belief, computer system cleaning utilities aren’t just for PCs. While the Macintosh operating system has traditionally been much safer and more secure than Windows OS, new virus threats are affecting an increasing number of Mac users. Since Mac OS is still widely considered to be more secure than Windows, few software developers have created security products for the Mac.

Fortunately, the software development company Kromtech recognized the need for a system security and optimization product for users operating Mac OSX versions 10.5 and later. The software, called MacKeeper, is a suite of 16 utilities which provides antivirus, anti-theft, and file encryption features. The software includes system cleaning utilities, a document “shredding” tool, a recovery tool for deleted files, and even a tool for tracking software updates. MacKeeper also offers remote technical support.

User Interface

MacKeeper features a sleek, well-designed GUI. The dashboard is very intuitive, with the core utilities of the program listed in the left-hand pane of the GUI. The utilities are grouped together by functionality (security, optimization, data control, system cleaning) for convenience. The center pane of the GUI provides detailed information about selected features, while the right-hand pane displays support-related information, feedback forms, and a link to live chat. Overall, MacKeeper’s GUI is very easy to navigate and use.


MacKeeper includes 16 essential utilities for system maintenance, data security, user privacy, and malware protection. These utilities are grouped into four core functionalities: cleaning, security, data management, and optimization.


The Fast Cleanup tool scans your hard drive to find files that can be safely deleted to free up precious disk space and speed up your machine. With the Files Finder tool, you’ll never lose another document, photo, audio, or video file. Files Finder boasts an impressive set of filters to make searching for files easier. The Duplicate Finder utility allows you to locate duplicate files, even if those files have been renamed. With Disk Usage, you can view the size of individual folders to determine how much disk space they occupy. Finally, the Smart Uninstaller utility facilitates the removal of software, plugins, apps, widgets, and other unneeded programs from your Mac.


MacKeeper’s Real-Time Safe Browsing feature prevents unsafe web pages from being accessed. With this feature activated, you can confidently surf the web knowing your identity, email messages, and credit card information won’t fall into the wrong hands. MacKeeper also has an antivirus  feature and an anti-theft feature which, when enabled, allows you to locate your Mac in case of loss or theft.

Data Security

MacKeeper offers Data Encryptor, a program designed to protect sensitive files with a password. With this feature enabled, protected files cannot be found using Terminal or Finder. You are the only person who will have access to encrypted files or folders. The File Recovery tool allows you to restore files that have been deleted unintentionally. With the Shredder tool, you can delete files permanently – not even forensic tools can recover them. Finally, MacKeeper offers a Backup utility, which lets you store copies of important files and folders on external hard drives, USB sticks, and other data storage media.


MacKeeper offers unique optimization tools utilities, including Update Tracker, Login Items, and Default Apps.

.   Update Tracker – This program automatically checks for updates of installed applications and notifies you when a new version of a program is available.

.   Login Items – Allows you to create a list of applications to be launched automatically on device startup.

.   Default Apps – Allows you to associate a  file type with a suitable program for opening the file

Remote Support

MacKeeper users have access to round-the-clock technical support by phone, email, or live chat. The service, called Geek on Demand, provides assistance for technical issues relating to Mac OS and iOS. Geek on Demand promises to respond to requests within 48 hours. Geek on Demand offers 15-day free trial for new MacKeeper users, during which time users may submit one request for technical assistance.

The Bottom Line

MacKeeper offers a powerful set of tools for enhancing the security, speed, and functionalities of your Mac computer. With built-in Internet protection, anti-theft features, powerful optimization tools, and dedicated technical support, the MacKeeper suite of utilities is a near-perfect solution for the Mac user who wants to keep his or her machine safe, secure and performing optimally.

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